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[GRRN] Recycling in Urban Transit Systems
The City of Cambridge is working with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to expand newspaper recycling and add bottle and can recycling on subway station platforms. I have collected the following information regarding what is done in other urban transit systems. I would be grateful if anyone can alert me to a recycling program in an urban transit system that is not on the list below.

Thank you. { TIME \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" }

Trimet - Portland, OR (light rail)
Contact: Angie Corbin 503-962-4802
Mary Priester, Public Art Manager 503-962-2291
Bottle and can recycling only. Limited number of containers have been in place for less than one year. Program expansion will occur soon. Trash/recycling container design the result of a design contest. Design allows canners to remove redeemable bottles and cans easily.
Metro -- Washington DC
Contact: Bill Harris 202-962-5166
Newspaper recycling only. They don't allow eating or drinking on station platforms, so bottle and can recycling is not necessary. Newspaper containers have signage silk screened right onto the container. A clear coat of acrylic over the silk screen keeps the signage maintenance-free forever. They use bomb proof steel and concrete newspaper recycling containers in a few downtown stations.
BART -- San Fransisco
Contact Kathleen Gilbert 510-464-6712
Newspaper recycling only. They don't allow eating or drinking on station platforms.
Sound Transit -- Seattle
Bob Hill 206-398-5000
Light rail system is very new. No recycling yet.
New York Transit Authority --NYC
They collect garbage and separate it off site.
SEPTA - Philadelphia 215-580-7800
No recycling done in the system.

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