[GRRN] non-profit jobs in north carolina

From: Heather Stuart (hlstuart@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 09:08:31 EDT

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    My name is Heather Stuart, and I have just joined the GRRN network, and I
    hope that my message is appropriate for this list serve.

    I have recently relocated to Chapel Hill, NC after finishing almost 2 years
    with AmeriCorps, and am seeking a job in the chapel hill/raleigh/durham
    area. Briefly, my areas of expertise include designing and implementing
    recycling programs, non profit experience, program management, and community
    outreach. I am also interested in expanding my development experience.

    I would really appreciate any leads on any positions or contact information
    with any non-profit or environmentally focused organizations in the triangle

    thank you very much! As many of you know, it is always a challenge breaking
    into a new community.


    Heather Stuart

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