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    Hello, the information below is from an e-mail I sent to a university
    e-mail list about a year ago. While some of the details may not be exact
    anymore, most of it still applies:

    "In California, there is a company that will provide a large densifier and
    labor to large (minimum of 2,400 lbs. per day) generators of expanded
    polystyrene for the right to pick up the material, however I believe this
    amount is much more than a university will generate on a regular basis. By
    contacting the company, you could find out if they've already got a
    densifier in your area you could use (I know they have 2 in Oregon). You
    might also identify a business park or other generator in the area who could
    benefit from this arrangement and hook them up with the company. When you
    do have a supply of polystyrene packing from a computer shipment or other
    non-food grade source, you would only need to transport it to that location.
    Another option is for the campus to serve as the hub and have materials
    delivered there from local businesses.

    There is a janitorial service company in Roseville, California that manages
    such a program for a electronics oriented business park. It saves them a
    lot on disposal costs, and since they service several companies, marketing
    of all materials is more profitable.

    Computer and electronics industry manufacturers typically generate large
    amounts of polystyrene packaging. Any other manufacturer that receives
    delicate equipment for assembly into a larger product will also most likely
    generate a significant amount, depending on the volume of their business and
    the size of their product components.
    Below is more specific information on the company.

    Timbron International runs a manufacturing facility in Stockton which makes
    molding and other wood-like alternatives from post-industrial polystyrene.
    Timbron is actively looking for locations anywhere in the U.S. to place
    densifiers free-of-charge to the host if the host supplies 2,400 lbs. per
    day or 600,00 lbs. per year of clean, white, dry, non-food grade
    polystyrene. Transportation costs are dramatically reduced by densifying
    the material first, so Timbron furnishes the densifier, including
    installation, continued maintenance, and reimbursement for labor at 4 cents
    a densified pound to operate the machine. Timbron also will arrange and pay
    for shipping the densified product. The host is responsible for electricity
    to the machine, averaging an estimated $1.75 per operating hour, a forklift
    limited to loading the pallets of densified material into a Timbron on-site
    trailer, and recycled pallets. Timbron is looking for locations where a
    minimum of 2,400 lbs. per day polystyrene is available to keep the densifier
    in full operation for an 8 hour period.

    Prime locations for a densifier are large computer parts manufacturing
    companies, clean MRFs, or any location where a large amount of clean
    expanded polystyrene is available. For further information contact Barbara
    Datwyler, Timbron International at (209) 983-8393 or Fred Mills, the
    president of the company at"

    Hope this helps!

    Terry S. Brennan
    Integrated Waste Management Specialist
    California Integrated Waste Management Board
    (916) 255-4733

    The information provided here does not constitute an endorsement of any
    particular business by the California Integrated Waste Management Board or
    the State of California.

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    We have a large quantity of Styrofoam packing material that we are trying to
    find a way to recycle. It is a preformed product that we can find no one to
    use. Can you help?

    We are in Idaho - 7 shipping containers full. It is an EPS product if that

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Kissee'

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