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    Katy regarding surveys to find out if people recycle, unfortunately, they lie because they know they should be recycling. A door to door survey we conducted in a low-particiation area 80%+ reported that they were recycling but a check of curbside recycling setouts for a month showed <50% were recycling at the curb. THerefore, I am not certain of the usefulness of surveys.

    In Orange Co. NC, we have had experience with a wide variety of methods from direct mail, newspaper ads, door-to-door campaigns radio and TV ads, signs in neighborhoods, etc. Different things work in different areas with different audiences for different lengths of time. There is no one best method to educate and reach all.

    Two examples: on our low participation rural curbside recycling routes, we put up reminder signs at key intersections along the routes and kept them up for six weeks, three collection cycles, participation rose 10% in some cases. We put up banners at all six of the solid waste dropoff convenience centers around the County, advertising our monthly HHW collection program. Particpation went from an ave. of 140 cars/event to >200 cars/event when we did only that one change. Good luck, keep us all posted on what you learn.

    From: "Katy Bryce" <>

    I am preparing to start a research project that will look at other =
    regions' education and outreach programs to determine the most effective =
    ways to change recycling behavior and increase recovery, or more =
    importantly, decrease waste. First, I want to find out...What works, =
    what doesn't work, how to reach a wider audience, etc. I am interested =
    in ANY information that relates to effectiveness of education programs. =
    Second, we are thinking about conducting a large-scale survey in our =
    county to understand residents' awareness and knowledge about waste =
    reduction and recycling. ANY information on this topic would be =
    appreciated as well.
        I'm willing to sort through any type of sources: Internet, =
    periodicals, books, studies, etc. =20

    Katy Bryce, Education Coordinator
    The Recycling Team
    61020 27th Street
    Bend, OR 97701
    email address:

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