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Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 13:28:56 EDT

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    Katy o
    There are many places to look and certainly talking to successful recycling
    programs and looking at their education programs is going to be helpful.
    I'd also like to suggest a document available from the King County
    (Seattle) Pollution Control Division.
    They did a report a few years back called "Changing Behavior: Insights and
    Applications" that deals with all kinds
    of conservation behavior including recycling. It has a great checklist of
    things to consider and tips on how best to frame
    information to achieve behavior change. A preview is available at

    You can order the whole report from the e-mail address on the site.

    Another great document is put out by the EPA and ILSR and is called
    "Cutting the Waste Stream in Half: Community Record-Setter Show How"
    It is published by the Solid Waste and Emergency Response division and is
    Doc# EPA-530-R-99-013.
    It outlines what 20 or so top waste diverting communities have done and
    gives contact #'s.
    You can access an on-line version from:

    Lastly there is a very extensive database on Fostering Sustainable behavior
    put together by Doug McKenzie-Mohr which includes a bibliography of
    articles, case studies, and educational materials and is searchable. You
    must register, but registration is free.
    You can access it at:

    Hope that's helpful!

    Alexandra Gorman
    Environmental Studies
    University of Montana
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    > I work for a non-profit organization that operates the recycling =
    >processing facility for our county. We also do most of the waste =
    >reduction and recycling education for our region.
    >Here's what I am interested in: =20
    > I am preparing to start a research project that will look at other =
    >regions' education and outreach programs to determine the most effective =
    >ways to change recycling behavior and increase recovery, or more =
    >importantly, decrease waste. First, I want to find out...What works, =
    >what doesn't work, how to reach a wider audience, etc. I am interested =
    >in ANY information that relates to effectiveness of education programs. =
    >Second, we are thinking about conducting a large-scale survey in our =
    >county to understand residents' awareness and knowledge about waste =
    >reduction and recycling. ANY information on this topic would be =
    >appreciated as well.
    > I'm willing to sort through any type of sources: Internet, =
    >periodicals, books, studies, etc. =20
    >Katy Bryce, Education Coordinator
    >The Recycling Team
    >61020 27th Street
    >Bend, OR 97701
    >email address:

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