Re: Dave Kirkpatrick re Call #2
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:31 -0500


Hopefully by now you've received Bill's update on today's very productive
call, and the faxes from Brenda/Neil and Dan on the other two issues. We're
counting on you and Rick to get the third paper drafted this week and
circulated by e-mail and fax ASAP so that we can discuss all 3 in next week's
call on April 18 at 4 pm EST (call 1-800-569-0883 and ask for the CRRA call
again). Ideally, we'll circulate our comments on each of these papers in
advance of the call to the authors, so that the call will be most productive.
Our goal should be to have refined drafts by May 1, so that we can forward
them to the NRC Board and Policy Research Committee to consider as additional
input on the priorities which the NRC may adopt at their May 17-19 Board
meeting in DC.

Gary Liss