Dave Kirkpatrick re Call #2

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:36 -0500

Bill - Are we still supposed to have the conference call at 4 PM today?
I have been so swamped with work that I have not had a chance
to write up the "Get Money Out of Politics" piece, and probably will
not until this weekend. Nor have I received the write-ups from others
on the committee. Perhaps we should tell everyone to get their work done
this weekend and talk early next week. I did get the ASME info. out
to everyone during our call.
Dave K.

Sorry I didn't get your message until after the call today. Actually,
folks were only faxed Brenda and Neil's piece today, most hadn't received
Dan Knapp's, and Rick's hasn't been written yet either. (You got the first
two by fax now?) The bottom line is that we will all talk again next week,
same time (Thursday, April 18, 4 PM EST; 3 PM CST; 1 PM PST, call the same
800 number: 1-800-569-0883). So go ahead and get it out as soon as you
can. We've asked authors to put them on email, to facilitate making
comments for those on email. Please fax to:
Tim Brownell 313-662-7749 work fax (tel 313-662-6288 x14 work)
Susan Hubbard 501-444-1880 work fax (tel 501-444-1860 work)
Mary T'kash 612-649-3109 work fax (tel 612-644-5436 work)

See separate message with notes on todays call and agenda for next call.
Bill Sheehan