Pittsburgh NRC

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:37 -0500

[Forwarded to GRN Steering Cmtee by Bill Sheehan]

Fax Memo
Date: May 2, 1996
To: Edgar Miller
From: Bill Sheehan

Re: Pittsburg Policy Track Speakers

Thanks for talking about the two policy sessions yesterday. I am really
excited about them. From our conversation, I understand you plan to
schedule the sessions as follows:

* Building the Conservation Coalition: Tuesday, Sept 17th, 10:30 - noon
* Recycling's Role in Sustainable Development: Tuesday, Sept 17th, 1:30
- 3:00

I have attached a draft description of the grassroots network and
campaign we are getting rolling. It was started mostly by NRC members,
and members of the NRC Nonprofit Council are enthusiastic supporters.

Regarding the first session, you might consider a representative from
CRRA, since they are spearheading grassroots action that reaches out to
conservation organizations. As Policy Director and primary impetus for
the campaign, Rick Anthony would be a logical choice.

One of the three messages we are developing, Create Jobs Not Waste, will
be well covered in the above sessions by Neil Seldman. I would like to
see the other two addressed as well.

Total Recycling/Zero Waste could be covered by Dave Williamson. He is
the point man who is developing our policy statement on Zero Waste. The
document is not ready to pass out, but I am attaching a memo from Dave's
boss, Dan Knapp, that notes that Dave is a Director of three non-profit
recycling organizations, including the NRC affiliate NCRA. I have
talked with him at length and believe he will do an excellent job. Dave
could fit in either the first or second session.

The third message, Level the Playing Field/Make Wasters Pay, is the crux
of the issue of recycling's role in sustainable development. We are
addressing a cradle-to-grave conception of waste subsidies, from virgin
materials subsidies through manufacturer and waste transport subsidies,
to landfilling and incinerator subsidies. Dawn Erlandson is heading a
new collaborative organization, Americans for a Sustainable Economy, and
would be my pick to address the virgin materials part of this. She is
out of town this week; I will try her next week and get back to you.