NRC Policy Meeting Report
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:02 -0500

[Message forwarded from Sherrie Gruder. -- This kind of feedback
is critical in developing an inclusive and democratic NRC.
Thanks Sherrie! --Bill Sheehan]

For all those keeping an eye on NRC, I thought I'd give you a brief
update on what occurred at the NRC Policy Research Committee
this last weekend in D.C.

First of all, between better attendance and proxies (Resa & I had 4
proxies), votes went very differently than before. One vote, to
accept the 4 recommendations of the Advocacy Message
Subcommittee in its interpretation of the survey results from SROs
on the advocacy message (see pg 3 of draft exec summary of
4/8/96), failed 12-11. I hope there will be even more proxies at the
next meeting to continue to help us become active in our policy
work and to keep things from getting watered down!!

Advocacy Message News:
- 3 motions were passed by the PRC and then the Board:
- NRC endorsed the areas of agreement based on SRO input (listed
in Advocacy Message Subcom's exec summary document) (passed

- NRC acknowledges the strong support expressed by SROs for the
elimination of virgin material subsidies and makes this issue a high
priority for research and advocacy by the PRC and NRC's
Government Affairs Committee with actions to be taken by NRC
that require no major research within this calendar year (i.e. written
materials for presidential platforms) (passed PRC 21-5)

-NRC's advocacy work should not be limited to legislative and
regulatory initiatives. Advocacy should be used to achieve NRC's
overall goals and objectives. NRC should expand its target
audience for advocacy programs to include businesses and state
and local governments. NRC should consider the degree of
consensus and political feasibility when prioritizing its advocacy
agenda and programs. Further, NRC should use the "areas of
agreement" previously endorsed as the basis for prioritizing current
and future PRC and Govt Affairs activities and budgetary
resources. (passed 24-2)

The Govt Affairs committee voted as a result, in setting their
priorities for work to be done by year end as:
- S.1567 Environmental Infrastructure Financing Act - try to get
financing for recycling in that
- SRO alert -impact of Revisions to Executive Order on Recycling
and Waste Reduction (roll back paper recycled content).
- we will partake in white House conference on paper recycling
this summer
- SRO alert- put advocacy message in marketable form to take to
presidential campaigns, state leg and SRO's
- 50% by the year 2000 (how it can be achieved by targeting new
materials) document
- build alliances and research with other organizations seeking to
eliminate virgin materials subsidies (those working on the Level the
Playing field piece of the Grassroots Recycling Network should
work with Edgar on this to share information so we can get a solid
piece out for the election)

- nothing was voted on and discussion didn't occur other than to
request comments be relayed to Rick Hlavka (who wasn't there)

Full Cost Accounting:
FCA Fact sheet was discussed- good input, ICA work was
- develop an issue paper based on Peter Anderson's first draft
- do a project- an ICA case study - where NRC develops its own
numbers (instead of responding to everyone else's).
- This will have to go through the planning and budget process.
Joan Rohlfs will be developing PRC priority projects list in July.
That will be circulated for feedback among PRC members and must
go to planning and finance committee by August 1. This will then
put it in the que for consideration by the board among all other
committees' programs.

Please stay active in giving input to NRC. If you're not a member of
PRC and want to become one so that you can vote (in person or by
proxy) at the September meetings at the Congress in Pittsburgh,
contact Chris Benjamin at NRC: 703 683-9025 and he'll fax you the
voting guidelines/participation criteria.

Sherrie Gruder

Source Reduction & Recycling Specialist, UW-Extension-Solid &
Hazardous Waste Education Center, 610 Langdon St., Rm 528,
Madison, WI 53703-1195 ph: 608 262-0398 F: 608 262-6250