JOB: RA, Centre for Study of Environmental Change
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:46 -0500

Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Environmental Change (CSEC)

Integrated Assessment, Climate Change and Sustainability

European Commission Fourth Framework Programme Projects

CSEC is appointing a full-time Research Associate to work as part of a team
(directed by Professor Brian Wynne) on two major European projects
concerned with making scientific and technical knowledge for sustainability
more socially-relevant. The appointee will take lead responsibility for
the UK-end of the 'Urban Lifestyles, Sustainability and Integrated
Environmental Assessment' (ULYSSES) project, as well as devoting some time
to a second closely related EU project, 'Climate change research and its
integration into environmental policy'. Applicants are expected to have
experience in the use of qualitative social science research techniques.
Knowledge of integrated environmental assessment, sustainability in urban
regions or sociology of science would also be useful. The position is for
2.5 years at salary scale 1a.


The Position:

The position is a full-time two-and-a-half-year funded post as Research
Associate at Salary RA 1A Scale from stlg14,317 to stlg15,986. The key duties
are as follows.

The First Year: to develop the methodology of citizen-panels / juries for
ULYSSES, including carrying out test juries, and preparing a preliminary
report; to help prepare specific regional input data for the integrated
assessment model; to help conduct interviews with policy makers and
scientists; to attend first project meeting with collaborators.

The Second Year: to take part in a training programme and then conduct
citizen-panels / juries for ULYSSES; to be involved in the analysis of the
research results; to attend second project meeting with collaborators.

The Third Year : to analyse the research results; to prepare reports of
the results and subsequent publications; to present results at workshops
and conferences.

The Research Team:

The Director of the research is Professor Brian Wynne (Research Director,
CSEC). The appointee will work closely with Dr Simon Shackley (Research
Associate, CSEC) who will take prime responsibility for the EU and Climate
project, but also collaborate closely with the appointed Research
Associate in the ULYSSES project. However, prime responsibility for
ULYSSES will be undertaken by the appointed Research Associate. It is also
possible that a CASE-award Ph.D. student will work on the ULYSSES project,
supervised by Professor Wynne. It is critical that the appointee enjoys
working flexibly as part of a team, whilst also taking prime responsibility
for ensuring research commitments are met.

Who Should Apply?

The job will be particularly suited to someone with a high degree of
motivation and creativity in devising new ways of mediating and
communicating between disparate groups. One (or preferably more) of the
following skills and experiences would be especially valuable:

* Experience of focus groups, citizen panels or other forms of
institutional mediation and/or community development;
* Experience of critically translating and communicating technical and
scientific information, knowledge and understanding to non-scientific
* Knowledge and understanding of, and skill in using, mathematical models,
especially ones concerned with Integrated Environmental Assessment and
urban sustainability (transport, waste, energy, etc.).
* Experience with qualitative social science research methods
(interviewing, discourse and textual analysis, etc.).

Ability to cope with at least some technical and scientific subject-matter
is important, as is skill at communicating effectively with scientists and
policy makers. Dissemination and discussion of the findings with
scientists and policy makers is a key part of the project, and an interest
in initiating and engaging in such forms of dialogue is critical. A
capacity to think imaginatively about how to effect change in policy
institutions and research cultures will be a distinct advantage. Direct
prior experience of the public domain at local or national levels would be

Academic knowledge of one (or preferably more) of the following areas would
also be very beneficial: public understanding of science, the sociology of
scientific and technical knowledge, sociology of risk, science policy,
policy making and administrative cultures, public participation in
decision-making, sustainability in the urban environment, and integrated
environmental assessment modelling.

The Research Associate will need to able to work independently. As part of
a large cross-European team, the Research Associate will also have to be
able to interact closely with other researchers on ULYSSES from a range of
academic backgrounds (including sociologists, modellers, decision-analysts
and political scientists). The empirical research will be conducted in
the Greater Manchester region and will therefore require at times much
travel between Manchester and Lancaster. As part of a cross-European team,
the Research Associate will also have to be able to interact closely with
other researchers, e.g. through the dedicated email network. Participation
in meetings with the partners will be required, which will involve travel
abroad at least three times.

Because of the unusually interdisciplinary character of the research
position, we would encourage applications from those who consider they have
the necessary interest and skills to succeed in the position.

Other Relevant On-Going Research at CSEC

CSEC is involved in much related work including: a project on
community-development for sustainability under the UK Government's 'Going
for Green' initiative (in collaboration with Lancashire County Council);
on-going research on the politics and sociology of global climate change
science and policy; a project on participation in selecting science and
technology options; and a project on the standardisation of environmental
data-bases in the European Union.


If you would like to discuss this job informally please contact:
Brian Wynne (via Cath Baker on 01524 592674) or,
Simon Shackley on 01524 592673, or by email,

'For further details / application form apply to Personnel Services,
quoting reference L430, University House, Lancaster University, Lancaster,
LA1 4YW. Answerphone (0) 1524 593186.

Closing date: 21 May 1996'.