Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:22:14 -0500

TO GRN Steering Committee
FROM Bill Sheehan 9-14-96


PRESENT ON CALL: Bill Sheehan, Ruth Abbe, Lynn Landes, Dave
Kirkpatrick, Gary Liss, Neil Seldman, Lance King


1. Draft Campaign Plan to Steering Committee by Monday, July 22

2. First draft of Zero Waste Policy Paper by Monday, July 22nd

3. Conference call tentatively for Monday, July 29th, 3 PM EST

4. Revised Campaign Plan by Monday, August 4th

5. Press release possibly on NY Times article, Recycling Is Garbage


1. Draft Campaign Plan --Bill S., Lance K., Lynn L., Neil S.
2. Media Plan --Lance K. (lead)
3. Activist Mailing List Maintenance --Gary L. (CRRA)
4. Internal Communications (fax & snail mail) -- open
5. Grant-writing --Neil S. (lead) and others
6. Budget development and review --Dave K.
7. Meetings -Organizing
Pittsburgh NRC Congress --Mary T. (arrange meeting time)
Winter Activist Conference --Gary L. (coordinate?)
8. Policy Development
Prepare Zero Waste policy paper --Ruth A. (lead, with Dan
Knapp, Dave W.)
Meld policy papers --Neil S. (get input to Neil before his
vacation starting August 1st)
9. Ad Hoc Task Groups
Party Platforms --Rick A.
Wasting Report --Lynn L.
Letter writing outreach & campaign


1. Focus on jobs (Neil S.) versus health issues (Lynn L.); Lynn will draft a
few paragraphs on health aspects. [cf. recycling vs. reducing wasting]
2. Regional GRN representatives.


Ruth Abbe
120 Montgomery Street
San Francisco CA 94104
w 415-434-0900
h 510-521-0505
f 415-956-6220

Rick Anthony
CRRA -External Policy Director
13037 Trail Dust Avenue
San Diego CA 92129
w 619-694-2196
h 619-484-4925
f 619-538-4632 (h)

Tim Brownell
Recycle Ann Arbor/ NPRC
2950 East Ellsworth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48108
w 313-662-6288 x14
f 313-662-7749
no email

Lance King
3245 I Street
Sacramento CA 95816
h 916-448-3251
f 916-448-3207
no email yet

David Kirkpatrick
Principal, Kirkworks
PO Box 15062
Durham NC 27704-0062
w 919-220-8065
f 919-220-9720

Lynn Landes
PA Sierra Club
1006 Harvard Drive
Yardley PA 19067
h 215-493-1070
f 215-493-2567 call 1st

Gary Liss
CRRA, Exec. Director
4395 Gold Trail Way
Loomis CA 95650
w 916-652-4450
h 916-652-4450
f 916-652-0250

Brenda Platt
Inst. for Local Self Reliance/ NPRC
2425 18th Street NW
Washington DC 20009
w 202-232-4108
h 301-270-0677
f 202-332-0463

Neil Seldman
Inst. Local Self Reliance
2425 18th Street NW
Washington DC 20009
w 202-232-4108
h 202-686-4218
f 202-332-0463

Bill Sheehan
Sierra Club -National Waste Cmtee
268 Janice Drive
Athens GA 30606
w 770-995-9606
h 706-208-1416
f 706-208-1416

Mary Tkach
St. Paul NEC/ NPRC
475 N. Cleveland Avenue, #100
St. Paul MN 55104
w 612-644-5436 >5PM 649-3107
h 612-455-5383
f 612-649-3109

Dave Williamson
Urban Ore/ NCRA
1333 Sixth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
w 510-559-4451
h 510-420-7076
f 510-528-1540