Re[2]: Draft EPA letter -additions
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:43 -0500


1. Lance said today he will get a revised EPA letter draft tomorrow
2. Gary, would you please send out a list of all activist names
you have received so far; we need to move quickly. I have prepared a
list we can divy up if you don't have enough response.

I believe this initial action is critical if we are to have
credibility for pittsburgh or foundations.

neil is working on the statements
brenda said she would do PART of a fact sheet on model (quasi-zero?)
waste programs; will need help from rest of us; more from her...
dave kirpatrick said he will take care of designing a GRN flyer for
pittsburgh (i talked to jodi lehner today; the GRN meeting timeand
place will be in the official program folks will get on arrival.)
i am hoping rick will take care of details for tuesday program.(Y/N?)

who wants to draft steering cmtee agenda for sunday meeting (8 to1)?

i suggest we each invite a FEW community activists to the sunday
steering committee meeting who ARE IN BASIC AGREEMENT WITH US and who
we think might get involved/do real work/bring resources to GRN.
ANYONE HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THIS? people i have thought of: resa
dimino, gretchen brewer, pat franklin (container recycling institute,
running for fdsnrc board). We need more workers asap, and won't have
much one-on-one time Tuesday.

Bill Sheehan

Subject: Re: Draft EPA letter -additions
Date: 8/27/96 3:29 PM

I like Bill's comments on EPA letter. I would add to discussion of
landfilling that the way to protect future groundwater is to "add water and
stir" rather than keeping water out of landfills. Consider landfills as
anerobic digesters rather than dry tombs forever. If we know all landfills
will leak eventually, then let's not continue this non-sustainable system.
Let's flush the materials out by adding water and anerobically digest
contaminants or treating the effluent through other appropriate systems up

Gary Liss

>>Bill responds: Although I agree with Fred Lee's criticisms of dry tomb
landfills, i believe the real solution is source separation, not the wet cell
mixed waste composting fred advocates. i feel that we should treat it as a
methood of last resort.