Re: Re[2]: Draft EPA letter -additions
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:23 -0500

Re: two to five %

Historical Note

The 2500 tpd MRF in San Marcus after mandatory recycling (desnignated
recylables and clean green and wood) in most cities in the region; pulled out
about 15% recyclables ( In its peak over $30 K a day) and hazardous
materials (80 gallons a day). The shredded residual was sucessfully
composted and had market letters of interest as a fuel for a biomass burner
or fementation to fuel, as the residual was was composed of organics (paper,
food, yard, textiles and plastics) and non metalic inerts.

This happened for over a year and more efficiently as the waste was
increasingly diverted due to a fire sale closing in L.A. (BKK), and a
bankruptcy give away in Orange County CA..