The virus message virus

Garpster (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:08 -0500

Dear Dave

The virus message virus
It concerns me greatly, that we have all been junked on by the
warning message. I received it from the PAGEMAKR list and copied
it ONLY to the AE, the greenYes list and a few individuals.

So far I have received over 400 messages, mostly admin rejections and
duplication notices, concerning this action, which was well meaning on
my part. I am also receiving white hot flame messages from (I hope)
otherwise polite people suggesting a variety of measures from pulling
plug to castration.

As soon as I saw what was happening I sent the following apology:
Re: The virus warning virus. (Garpster , Tue 01:30)

I am really sorry but I have no idea why LOTS of you received repeat
virus warning messages. If you subscribe to greenYes, you probably
also got the message that the "Good Times" virus is in fact a
cybernetic urban myth, which makes this rash of messages even more
inane. As one recipient said "The virus warning has become a virus."

Again, my apologies.
Frank S. Wadge

So, again, I apologise for all this wasted time, e-mailbox space,
bandwith and anger that I have caused. The main problem is is I have
absolutely NO IDEA how all this duplication occurred unless other well
meaning recipients did the same as I did and cc'd all their contacts.

If it will help you all cool off to continue sending me flame messages,
go right ahead.

Frank S. Wadge