Re: Re[2]: EPA letter Sign-on
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:08 -0500


Anderson is right , having open collection is inenificient in both using
energy and producing pollution. The Voters control municipal contracts.
(in theory). Exclusive contracts for mixed waste if offered with separated
recyclables collection and clean green collection, three different collectors
or whatever. The key is; that for the public good , the public agency can
require separation, buy recycle and not subsidizing waste.

The real issue is, can some one break that franchize by charging less money
while not competing in the bid process? The Court rulings seem to say that
business ownes the resource until they pay someone to take it away and ;
where its a City franchize, the franchize gets to take it away.,

Some say alumium is always a resource and sometimes a wasted resource.

Public Resource Managers need to designate recyclabes so that they never are
classified as waste. That might clear up a lot of issues.