Re[2]: EPA letter Sign-on
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:08 -0500

Gary, aren't you the one who put in the bit about franchises in the
EPA letter? Would you -- or whoever did -- respond to peter anderson's
concern. Are waste franchises bad but recycling franchises o.k.?
-Bill S.

[forwarded from peter anderson]
Gosh you clever so and so. You were ingenious making it suitably =
ambiguous while still keeping counter pressure on EPA to offset the =
other side.

Mark and I had a question about one item in the draft. Is there a =
reason why you're against franchised hauling. It has always seemed to =
me that having many collection vehicles rolling down the same street (in =
Eau Claire there are eight) is ipso facto going to be a lot more =
expensive as well as environmentally awful). Maybe there's something =
I'm missing related to the franchise impeding the march to zero waste =

** How to increase recycling and reduce wasting - Recycling will
increase and wasting will decrease by eliminating policies and subsidies
favoring garbage collection, landfilling and incineration. Local
government contracts limiting competition by granting exclusive
franchises to waste haulers must be ended and clear public policies
supporting fees for recycling and composting services must be allowed.