Re: GRN Draft Mission Statement
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:09 -0500


This recent draft of the mission statement etc. is great. The one thing
that keeps bothering me is the "end welfare for waste." I agree with the
concept, but i don't think the average person will understand what we are
saying. People might think we are talking about ending welfare waste! (I
do think they understand "corporate welfare") The word welfare needs some
kind of descriptor...corporate welfare, government welfare, financial
welfare...i'm not really sure, it just seems like it doesn't flow with the
rest of the the stuff. Maybe something like: end government incentives for
waste, or end public financing of waste, or... People do understandthe term
"public financing."

Thanks for all your work on this...hope to see you on the NRC board soon!


At 07:53 PM 8/20/96, you wrote:
>TO Grassroots Recycling Network
>FROM Bill Sheehan 8/20/96
>Here is the mission statement etc., revised with help from Lance.
>Please say yea, nay or give comments to first three parts, at
>least, by this Friday (8/23). With contact info, greenyes info and
>perhaps winter conference announcement, this could be the basis of a
>flyer for Pittsburgh....
>The Grassroots Recycling Network is dedicated to practicing
>environmental stewardship and achieving a sustainable economy by
>reducing waste and reusing and recycling the earth's resources in ways
>that support community.
>The Grassroots Recycling Network is a coalition of community-based
>recycling activists engaged in conserving our human and natural
>resources and giving voice to the conservation ethic that more than 100
>million Americans express daily by recycling.
> Eliminate waste
> Create jobs not waste
> End welfare for wasting
>Community economic development and resource conservation
>compliment one another and should be supported through public and
>private initiatives contributing to a sustainable economy
>Policies and tax-payer subsidies for extracting natural resources (such
>as metals, petroleum and timber) and wasting resources in landfills
>and incinerators reflect outmoded thinking and should be eliminated.
>Until these practices are stopped, the Grassroots Recycling Network
>believes that governmental action is essential to *level the playing
>field* so that resource recovery is not put at a competitive advantage
>with wasting.
>Resource conservation and recovery ease some of the most damaging
>consequences of wasteful consumption. Public and private initiatives
>should seek to reduce the destruction of wildlife habitat, ancient forest
>ecosystems, pollution associated with resource extraction, and energy
>consumed in the production of materials now essential in industrial
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