WOE # 403

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:12:02 -0500

November 27, 1996

"There are many hurdles before EPA's proposal is adopted and we
begin to breathe cleaner air, but today, we are moving toward a
brighter and healthier future."
-- Adam Werbach


IN THE MAIN RING -- Things to Give Thanks For
TAKE ACTION -- Letter to the Editor

In the Main Ring -- Tomorrow, Americans gather with family and
friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Among the many things we have
to be thankful for is the progress that we have made in cleaning
up our environment. And today, the Environmental Protection
Agency added one more item to add to our list for thanks giving.
Today EPA proposed new air quality standards, which if adopted,
will improve the air quality and provide new protection to nearly
133 million Americans, including 40 million children. This is
cause for celebration.

EPA proposes to set a tougher standard on ozone and particulates.
And while these standards do not go quite as far as we would
suggest, they are a huge improvement over the status quo, and, if
adopted will make a significant difference to the health of the
American people, particularly those most vulnerable.

As predicted, industry has been vociferous in their criticism,
attacking the proposed rules as "going too far", "not being based
on sufficient science", and predicting that these new rules will
impose extreme lifestyle changes for Americans. This is a part
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