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[GreenYes] exhibit questions

Title: [GreenYes] exhibit questions

Hi folks,

Got the following query this let me know if you know the



I was hoping you could help me with the following question: what is the
most environmentally responsible way to mount something?  Since the
current exhibit I’m working on is all about producing less plastic I’m
trying to ensure the materials we use don’t contradict our message –
it’s a challenge & I would love your help.

I’ve heard that foam core board is bad although no one seems to be able
to tell me why – is the stuff it’s made out of or because it can’t be

I heard that gatorboard is better than foam core board but no one seems
to know exactly what gatorboard is and why it’s better than foam core
board – you have any answers?

We’re building this action center and all the groups need to mount
something and we’re at a standstill until we can find out what we should
mount this all on – would greatly appreciate your help & guidance.

Many many thanks in advance!

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