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[GreenYes] Re: Software suggestions?

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Software suggestions?

If it was my laptop the first task would be to get rid of Vista and
put on XP.

Then put on Linux or at least partition the drive to leave a place for it.

Then everything else....

Abiword is a pretty adequate word processor--smaller and quicker than
OpenOffice but not a complete suite of apps.

At 12:40 PM 12/10/2008 -0800, M.Simons wrote:

>    I just got a new laptop.. and I was busy searching for generic
>softwares for it, to improve it's performance, good new tools to
>use, etc.. so it occurred to me I should ask here whether anybody
>has any suggestions for more specialized tools or niche softwares
>that might not be commonly known about by people outside our
>field(s) of interest.
>What software do you find invaluable to managing and otherwise
>supporting WIIWD (what it is we do)?
>So the OS:
>It's Windows Vista (yuck!) -- eventually I will set it up to dual
>boot with Linux, but there are still 2 programs I need to use that
>don't yet run fully on WINE.  Until then, I'm assuming a large
>number of folks here might also generically run Windows OSes, or
>software that might be cross-platform at least and may have some
>I have already downloaded the following more commonly known
>softwares: Firefox, Opera, Open Office, google earth, picasa, mIRC,
>Yahoo Messenger, AIM, gimp, irfanview, BOINC/World Community Grid,
>puTTy software package, winscp, PGOffline, NitroPDF..

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