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[GreenYes] Query re PAYT & rural areas

Dear Colleagues:
Does anyone have examples of implementation of PAYT in very low-population, rural areas where the main mode of waste disposal & recycling for residents to drop-off at a LF, TS, or other facility -- you would be willing to share?

Specific information I would love to hear about includes:
  1. How did you structure PAYT for areas where citizens primarily self-haul to drop sites? What about unstaffed drop sites?
  2. How do you enforce?
  3. What fee structure works? Were certain items free and others involving a charge?
  4. Political will needed or opposition encountered?
  5. And - did anyone do this successfully in an area where historically waste disposal had been free? How was the transition to fees managed?
  6. What did fees go to? Operations, enforcement, what else?
This is for some planning work in the arid, thinly populated West.

Many thanks,
Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

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