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[GreenYes] Recycle Bank question

Title: [GreenYes] Recycle Bank question

Are there any of you with first hand knowledge of Recycle Bank?
There is a home owners association in our county (Bradley Farm) that
uses Recycle Bank through a private hauler (AAA ) and from what I've
read from other towns, the amount of recycling goes up once Recycle
Bank is in place :

A page on the EPA site states that Cherry Hill, NJ estimates $ 2
million will be saved in disposal fees over 5 years using Recycle Bank

Though recycling is now mandatory in our public school district, most
recyclables (aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles) are discarded
into trash bins in and around our neighborhood school, and our country
(Fairfax Cty, Virginia) solid waste people tell me that nothing gets
put in a landfill in our county as solid waste is incinerated and
converted into energy.
Neighbors have pointed out that since the county gets a tipping fee
from disposal, would they have an incentive to switch to Recycle Bank?

Aysegul Acar-Dreyer
Falls Church, VA

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