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[GreenYes] Re: FW: Composting Education for middle-schoolers

Hi Craig and Christine,


We don’t have a PowerPoint specifically on composting, but we do have one on reducing lunch waste available at I believe it touches on composting. You might be able to adapt it to fit your needs.  Our aim is to help schools generate less waste at lunchtime, and composting is certainly a big part of that.


I hope there’s something there you can use.


Amy Hemmert

Obentec, Inc.




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I’ve been asked by Royal Oak Farm ( to help out in an educational session for middle-schoolers  (8th grade, I think) who are interested in pursuing agricultural-related careers.  


Do any of you know of, or have access to (that you can share), any educational videos or powerpoints more suited to middle-school education levels?  Virtually all of my technical presentations on composting are aimed at a much more educated audience and I’m afraid I’d bore them with my “in-the-can” stuff.


Many thanks for your help and your advice.





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