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[GreenYes] Re: Markets Tanking

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Markets Tanking

David is right not to panic, it is a long term game.

I have always believed that the cheapest, fairest, and most effective
form of 'market development' is "supply push".  While my business
benefited greatly from the record high prices of 6 months ago, I know
that those prices meant no more investment in my raw material, which
meant depreciating assets on the existing demand equipment.  Cheap,
clean recycled feedstock is an investment opportunity.   Mills cannot
build on a 'field of dreams', investing millions hoping the supply
will be come out of the cornfields when they build it.

Whether or not my business survives this downturn, I don't worry about
recycling.  Record high recycling prices starve the mills and people
who actually add value to the scrap, who actually create jobs and
create products and create wealth.  I see it as a 'market correction'
and I hope that most of us on this side of the business have put aside
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