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[GreenYes] BREAKING NEWS for Halloween: TV Zombies Are on the Loose (please excuse cross postings)

title-1small(We wanted to make sure that you all saw this!  Happy Halloween!)

Maybe you have spotted them in your town.
TV Zombies have been seen wandering out of landfills and invading communities across the country, oozing toxic green slime, and dragging their old rabbit ears and VCRs behind them.

Scientists believe that the TV Zombies are the millions of undead, old-school TVs that consumers threw out, even though they still worked. Replaced by newer, sleeker flat panel TVs, the TV Zombies are out for revenge.

But you don’t have to believe me - witness the invasion of the TV Zombies for yourself in this new video from the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, called Revenge of the Return Of The Undead Toxic Televisions Strike Back:

"These are a new breed of zombie," said Dr. Bevan Brockelhurst, a Zombologist at the Ann Arbor Institute for the Undead, "but because of the toxic chemicals inside TVs, they're just as dangerous as your garden variety zombies. They have been sliming people with their toxic green ooze, so people should definitely steer clear of them.”

Law enforcement officials have yet to figure out a way to stop the TV Zombie epidemic. But experts suggest that the only way to stop the Zombies is to recycle your old TVs so they can't come back from the dead and leak chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants.

In February, the TV Zombie invasion will get even worse, as the government-mandated switch from analog to digital broadcast will cause millions of Americans to discard their old obsolete TV sets. This Zombie surge could be avoided if the TV manufacturers like Panasonic and Sharp would create aggressive TV recycling programs, diverting TVs from the Zombie-infested landfills.

Please warn your friends and family about this dangerous TV Zombie invasion!


Barbara Kyle
National Coordinator

Electronics TakeBack Coalition

60 29th Street #230
San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: 415-206-9595

FAX:    866-529-7898

email:  bkyle@no.address


Formerly Computer TakeBack Campaign



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