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[GreenYes] "biomass" and RES provisions in "drilling" bill passed by House

    It is the sense of Congress that--
      (1) in order to fulfill the commitment of the United States to energy security and independence, the current definition of renewable biomass in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) could be improved; (2) in order to meet the United States? energy challenges in an environmentally responsible way, the RFS should be as inclusive as possible to better reflect the realities of our Nation?s resources, to encourage investment, and to help us meet the congressional mandate for advanced biofuels; (3) Congress recognizes that renewable fuels are important to our climate and energy security strategy, as well as the rural communities they support; and (4) cellulosic biofuels can and should be produced from a highly diverse array of feedstocks, allowing every region of the country to be a potential producer of this fuel.


?(a) Definitions- For purposes of this section:
    ?(1) BIOMASS-
      ?(A) IN GENERAL- The term ?biomass? means each of the following:
        ?(i) Cellulosic (plant fiber) organic materials from a plant that is planted for the purpose of being used to produce energy. ?(ii) Nonhazardous, plant or algal matter that is derived from any of the following:
          ?(I) An agricultural crop, crop byproduct or residue resource. ?(II) Waste such as landscape or right-of-way trimmings (but not including municipal solid waste, recyclable postconsumer waste paper, painted, treated, or pressurized wood, wood contaminated with plastic or metals).
        ?(iii) Animal waste or animal byproducts. ?(iv) Landfill methane.
?(8) RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCE- The term ?renewable energy resource? means solar, wind, ocean, tidal, geothermal energy, biomass, landfill gas, incremental hydropower, or hydrokinetic energy.

      ?(c) Required Annual Percentage- For calendar years 2010 through 2039, the required annual percentage of the retail electric supplier?s base amount that shall be generated from renewable energy resources, or otherwise credited towards such percentage requirement pursuant to subsection (d), shall be the percentage specified in the following table:
      [ramping up from 2.75% in 2010 to in 15% 2020 and thereafter through 2039]

?(C) The Secretary shall issue 2 renewable energy credits for each kilowatt hour of electric energy generated and supplied to the grid in that calendar year through the use of a renewable energy resource at an eligible facility located on Indian land. For purposes of this paragraph, renewable energy generated by biomass cofired with other fuels is eligible for two credits only if the biomass was grown on such land.

[double credit on Indian land]

?(D) For electric energy generated by a renewable energy resource at an on-site eligible facility no larger than one megawatt in capacity and used to offset part or all of the customer?s requirements for electric energy, the Secretary shall issue 3 renewable energy credits to such customer for each kilowatt hour generated.

[triple credit for small facilities]

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Green Delaware
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cell 302.299.6783
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