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[GreenYes] Update on Plasco Energy, Canada - plasma arc gasification

Hello all:

Here's an update on what's happening with Plasco Energy in Canada.

Below I've pasted in a recent article about Plasco Energy's recent emissions exceedances and Ottawa plant shutdown and Plasco's response
"A Cessation of Discharge incident occurred 15 July 2008 for SO2 at the flare. The incident was reported to MOE and an investigation of causes was initiated. Corrective actions are being taken and the facility has not restarted. Organic Emissions from the Engines were found to exceed the maximum and operational limit but engines were shut down within the 1 - hour cessation of discharge period and thus maintained compliance. Almost 2 months later Plasco's Ottawa facility has not restarted

A few links to articles about Ottawa.

Ottawa will build the first gasification facility in North America to
make energy from waste.

Link to City of Ottawa agreement

Plasco has also entered into agreement with  Port Moody in B.C. and last week announced their intentions to build a plant in Red Deer, Alberta - see article at end of this message.

Below is a link to the Sept. 17th  agenda of the Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee which includes a letter from Sierra Club Toronto's Rod Muir -Sept. 5th letter to the Chair, which also includes Rod's June 20th letter to the Mayor of Ottawa and details about Plasco's operating performance to date.

Below are two links re Plasco's proposal for City of Port Moody,B.C.

Marketing -assembly/disassembly of plants

Plasco as interim solution -

Don't hesitate to contact me should you require further information.

Linda Gasser
Anti-Incineration Campaign Coordinator
Prevent Cancer Now

E-Mail: lagasser@no.address
(905) 983-5249

Attention Business/Financial Editors:

Plasco to build waste conversion facility in Red Deer County

    OTTAWA, Sept. 5 /CNW Telbec/ - Plasco Energy Group Inc. ("Plasco") of
Ottawa will build, own and operate a waste conversion facility to serve the
Central Waste Management Commission led by Red Deer County's Mayor, Earl
Kinsella. PlascoEnergy and CWMC signed a contract that will see a supply of
300 tonnes of waste per day converted into valuable products including over
15 megawatts of green electricity for use on the local distribution grid.
    "We are extremely pleased to showcase Plasco's world leading
environmental performance and energy generation in Red Deer County in Central
Alberta," said Plasco's Executive Vice President Chris Gay. "After two years
of diligent work by the CWMC, we are proud to be selected as the best solution
for the conversion of waste."
    "This has been a long time coming and is a real move forward for us in
Central Alberta" commented Kinsella, Chair of the CWMC, "we are eliminating
landfills, making the planet greener and it all works in rural Canada."
    This project will be Plasco's first commercial facility, and largest to
date. The facility will demonstrate how Plasco's conversion technology can
bring green energy and sustainable waste management to rural communities.
    Construction of the facility will begin after operation of Plasco's Trail
Road facility in Ottawa has demonstrated energy efficiencies satisfactory to
Plasco and environmental performance satisfactory to the Commission and all
the required permits have been obtained. This is expected to start early in

    About Plasco Energy Group

    Plasco is an environmentally focused waste conversion company. The Plasco
Conversion System converts solid waste into an energy rich clean synthetic
fuel gas (PlascoSyngas) and other valuable products with no air emissions. A
400 tonne per day (TPD) - 150,000 tonne per year (TPY) - facility can produce
enough PlascoSyngas to generate approximately 21 MW of net green electricity.
More than 99.8% of the waste processed is converted into PlascoSyngas and
other marketable products.
    Plasco's build, own, and operate business model ensures there are no
capital costs or operating risks for the community. PlascoEnergy takes all
financial responsibility and risk with respect to the construction,
commissioning, and on-going operations of the facility.
    A 100 TPD commercial-scale demonstration facility has been built and is
in operation in Ottawa, Canada. This project has been supported by a
contribution from Sustainable Development Technology Canada, a not-for-profit
corporation created by the Government of Canada. It has also been supported by
a loan from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation under its
Innovation Demonstration Fund, and the provision at nominal cost of the site
and supply of waste during the demonstration period by the City of Ottawa.
    Private investment in Plasco over the last three years has totaled
$90 million.

For further information: Andrea Foottit, Plasco Energy Group, (613)
591-9438 x 1225

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