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[GreenYes] Free Canadian EPR Stewardship Webcast - October 15, 2008

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From: "Alicia MBenga" <Alicia@no.address>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 11:04:31 -0500
To: Alicia MBenga<Alicia@no.address>
Subject: FW: Announcement - Free Canadian EPR Stewardship Webcast - October 15, 2008

Dear Colleagues:


The Conference on Canadian Stewardship (CCS) is held every two years, and will be reconvened in Montreal, October 5 – 7th, 2009. As a free service to its delegates and other interested persons, CCS organizes a webcast in the intervening year between conference events. This webcast will feature speakers from each region of Canada, speaking on the highlights of stewardship program advancements across Canada. Details about the webcast and past conferences are available on its website at :


The webcast will be commencing at: 9:30 Vancouver / West Coast USA ; 12:30 Toronto/ Montreal ; 1:30 Atlantic Coast Canada & USA / 2:00 PM Newfoundland  on October 15, 2008. The webcast is available to all interested persons at no cost. You must register at the following URL:


Event URL:


This 2 hour interactive webcast will update you on the quick changing events in stewardship and EPR programs across Canada.


For more information, contact:

Mark McKenney

Managing Director

Conference on Canadian Stewardship

Osoyoos, BC, Canada; V0H 1V6






Alicia MBenga

Executive Assistant

Product Stewardship Institute, Inc.

137 Newbury Street, 7th floor

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 236-4866

(617) 859-9889

Office hours:  9am-3pm


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