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[GreenYes] Re: Charitable donation agency

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Charitable donation agency

Check out the concept of <a
href="" href="">">SwapTree</a>. It is a place where you
can post media in your collection that you are no longer interested
in. This can be books, CDs, DVDs and video games you would like to
swap with other users of SwapTree for free but you have to pay for
shipping charges.

Maybe resale shops can set up a domain like this so that they can
reach people in other states who would like to take up the stuff that
they are not able to sell locally.  A lesson I learned when out
shopping with my former American boss in Shanghai. He came across and
bought an antique decorative wooden panel. I noticed another piece
that was in better condition and suggested that he take that since it
was selling at the same price.

To my surprise, he preferred the broken piece. He wanted it for its
"antique" value and the more worn looking it is, the better, he said.
So the idea with a domain is to reach out to the right customer.
Moreover, what is common in your own state or country could be exotic
in another.

As for large items like old furniture, write to companies who are
already selling refurbished furnitures to see if they would take them
for a sum.  Maybe there are craftmans who are willing to (volunteer?)
teach how to refurbish old furniture.  Start classes on that and the
options to make money from that are:

1) the teachers pay commission for each paid student or pay rental of
space at resales shop to teach using the furnitures donated.
2) pay the teachers a commission for the refurbished furniture sold at
the resales shop and they would do a good job on them.
3) students can buy furniture they would like to be taught how to
refurbish so that they can keep them after the makeover.

For furnitures that are beyond repair or outdated,  find crafters who
can use them to teach or create:

1) doll houses
2) bird house
3) planters
4) photo frame
5) wood carving
6) decorative item
7) boardgame or toys

Create a contest whereby, participants pay a fee to join and win a
prize for the best makeover creation out of the stuff that cannot be
sold.  Sell the makeover product after the contest.  The winners will
most likely buy them back.


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