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In a message dated 8/8/2008 9:03:28 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, guy_brad@no.address writes:Hello Ric Anthony,
Could you clarify this chart.. "Reuse" is a process and all the other lines are materials types.. the "Reuse" is 2.0% of total therefore does it exlcude all the materials types listed ? does this mean there is no reuse for any of them only recycle?  and if so then what are the Reuse materials types?
Hi Brad;
By now you all have seen Dan and Mary Lou's comments.
My two percent for reuse comes from looking at the detailed composition sorts in many Cities.  I actually have some hands on experience. The lower market value is conservative and comes from an old  Urban Ore report and still makes the reuse category the largest revenue  generator by far.  Even at these low rates and low prices the  value is so high that  traditional waste managers have a hard time believing. Imagine their chagrin when we put the price of paper at $100 and metal at $100 which today is very conservative.
The  paradigm shift is  the market. 
Regarding the non marketable.  I did add this category.  I cannot find a market for soiled diapers.  I don't want to compost or burn wood that is treated with heavy metals of poisons. And there is about 1% in each material sorting category that is made up of  mixed  materials designed for landfill. These are products that need to be take back for redesign.
As for mistakes these are miss-throws.

San Diego, California

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