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[GreenYes] RE: shilling for incineration industry? GOOD POINT!

Thanks for the well-deserved rebuke, Scott. I let my anger at my local government's shenanigans spill over onto folks who may have been unwittingly exploited to serve someone else's ends. I will and keep an eye out for your report on your website.

I remain really concerned about the fuzzy line that responsible agencies including the US EPA are beginning to draw between "combustion without energy recovery" and "combustion with energy recovery." I am not happy to see the Fourth R brought back. The recent excellent "Stop Trashing the Climate" report by ILSR et al. outlines the strong case for discouraging WTE as a solution to our waste problem. I hope that groups that the public looks to for long-term solutions will take a really clear stand so that the public isn't misled about their views. We are taking the policy recommendations in the Stop Trashing report to the Recycling Council of BC for their endorsement as part of developing a clear policy on WTE.

If I find that CAW has taken a strong public stand against WTE I will make a personal donation to support you!


At 08:17 PM 8/9/2008, Scott Smithline wrote:
The story is that ignorant pejorative subject lines like this add no value to this list serve.  If you actually wanted to know about CAW's involvement in the  trip as opposed to finding additional fuel to feed your fire, you would have bothered to ask.  I will be posting a post-trip overview within a week or two.  At that time you can read it on CAW's website and form an informed opinion.

Scott Smithline
Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Californians Against Waste
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From: GreenYes@no.address on behalf of Helen Spiegelman
Sent: Thu 8/7/2008 9:30 PM
To: GreenYes@no.address; zwia@no.address
Subject: [GreenYes] German Greens, CAW shilling for incineration industry?

Hi ~

Our regional government just issued a 4-part TV clip series to brainwash the public about their new "no landfill" waste strategy. It featured comments from a person identified as a "top advisor" to the German Green Party, Dr. Michael Weltzin, testifying for the WTE alternative.

Googling him, I found that he was on a bizarre sounding junket this spring organized by an "advanced thermal treatment" company, along with CAW's Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.

Is there a story here?


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