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[GreenYes] Charitable donation agency

Title: [GreenYes] Charitable donation agency

Speaking of reuse, I was talking recently with a charitable donation agency
with a half-dozen resale shops here in the Boston area, and they are looking
for some help reducing the amount of materials they receive that they throw
away. Donation centers apparently have unbelievably high disposal costs.
People drop off gobs of stuff that they no longer want, but Goodwill is
unable to resell much of what they receive in their resale shops - just
because something is reusable doesn't mean there is adequate demand. They
work with a "salvage company" that handles damaged clothing and other small
items, but have a difficult time moving all the furniture that is left at
their door overnight and other materials that they just can't sell. They are
wondering what other options are available that will help them reduce cost
and increase revenue received for the stuff people leave with them. They
have never conducted an audit so can't really quantify the different types
of stuff that they receive. Is anyone aware of any studies that have been
done quantifying the types of materials that end being donated to this type
of organization and the highest use, highest revenue, lowers cost options
that might be available?

Ann Dorfman
Recycling & Resource Management Consulting
9 Henshaw Street, Newton, MA 02465
O: 617-244-9321
F: 617-446-1431


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