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[GreenYes] CAW shilling for incineration industry?

In a message dated 8/8/2008 9:33:46 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, hspie@no.address writes:Googling him, I found that he was on a bizarre sounding junket this spring organized by an "advanced thermal treatment" company, along with CAW's Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.  Is there a story here?
Hi Helen;
Actually Scott Smithline the CAW representative was put there to balance the BS.   A part of this is the City of LA  Alternate Technology  program.  This is part of a huge project to redesign resource management Los Angeles before the landfill closes in the current 5- 20 year planning period. 
The project is managed by Ruth Abbe, a friend to the earth.  There  is an engineering team  (HDR) but right now  the social planners are in the lead and that includes; Ruth, Gary Liss, Neil Seldman and me. 
In this first year (just completed) of neighborhood planning we have had; dozens major neighborhood meetings (over 30) and numerous house parties;  signed up about 2,500 pledges to be part of the zero waste team,  with thousands attending city wide rally's and  endorsing zero waste (including elected officials and top city administrators);  adopted guiding principles; identified  key policies and new rules, identified  the realm of alternatives within the communities.  The results from these  community meetings in each neighborhood were very similar and upbeat. 
This year we will be in each of the planning areas and conceptually designing zero waste plans by community.  We have identified  $100,000 million in annual lost revenue and have proven that right now before EPR, which the city has a big club, our non marketable materials are about 12 -18 % primarily baby diapers and treated wood.  We have proposed that the Alt Tech project deal with the feasibility of handling this stuff compared to the alternative of sending it back.
This project looks to the cynic as a waste to energy  project but in a city with 60 % recycling  already and close markets in China and Mexico and a history of independent entrepreneurs (this is where i started in 1970) we see thousands of new jobs and reincarnated money ($100,000 annually)and we are working with grassroots voters.
I have attended a majority of the community meetings and see the polling results, and I have a lot of hope here.  I, of course would like this to go faster, but turning a ship this size takes some rearranging. 
I could tell you more if you want or you could ask Gary Liss or Ruth Abbe
San Diego, California


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