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[GreenYes] Parana's E-Waste Law

Recently Parana became the first Brazilian state to actually adopt a law devoted to e-waste.  I phrase it that way because other states already have waste framework laws with e-waste clauses in them, but not a standalone e-waste law.  Parana is not the first state to pass one, just the first one not to get vetoed by a governor.  More are making their way through state legislatures in Brazil, so this is not the last for this issue by any means.


The law itself is a bit sketchy, I suspect to give far more flexibility to the regulators in how they shape the scope, take-back and recovery requisites.  Interestingly enough, it refers only to IT equipment (not electronics broadly or electrical equipment or appliances), although does not define that so it’s unclear whether that will include peripherals and things like PDAs, and what, if anything, they might do about IT equipment integrated into larger products (I’m thinking onboard computers in cars, for example).  Will be interesting to watch.


For more info, see my blog entry:


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