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[GreenYes] Re: Gassing up with Garbage - today's NYTimes

The Brazilians have been working on this for quite some time.


Also, many of the Brazilian states which now require collection and recycling of used cooking oil give the collected oil to processors that turn it into biofuel (and soap)


Furthermore, in the farm country in the south of Brazil there are experiments going on with the concept of creating a fleet of electric vehicles and farm equipment that would be charged by farm-based generators run on biogas from biodigestors processing their farm wastes – making every farm nearly energy independent (or at least that’s the goal).  The idea is to tackle farm wastes, vehicle emissions, hydrocarbon consumption and electricity consumption all in one swoop.


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THE NEW YORK TIMES…..The Energy Challenge

Gassing Up With Garbage



Published: July 24, 2008

After years of false starts, a new industry selling motor fuel made from waste is getting a big push in the United States, with the first commercial sales possible within months…..

Kendall Christiansen


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