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[GreenYes] Updated California EPR Websites

Title: [GreenYes] Updated California EPR Websites

The EPR website of the California Integrated Waste Management Board has been
updated.  This is a great resource and home of the first state
agency-adopted EPR Framework policy in the United States. (Several states
may introduce Framework EPR legislation next year - as an alternative to
product-by-product legislation).  Signing up for their listserv will keep
you in the loop for updates.

Also worth bookmarking, the California Product Stewardship Council will be
launching by the end of July an overhauled website at www.caproductstewar
<>  You can sign up for
Stakeholder updates, including a monthly newsletter, at www.caproductstewar
<> .

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Subject: Updated CIWMB EPR Website

CIWMB Extended Producer Responsibility

The California Integrated Waste Management Board's website on Extended
Producer Responsibility has been updated with additional pages:
http://www.ciwmb. <>

This website now houses the following information:

- EPR Home: Brief introduction to the concept of EPR and Board efforts.

- About EPR: Definition of EPR being used by the Board, history, approaches,
benefits, EPR programs.

- Board Activities: This is where you will find information on
Board-specific activities such as advisory groups, educational forums,
product-specific programs, performance standards, and Board implementation
of EPR as that information becomes available.

- Events: Both Board-related and external.  "Past events" contain links to
many presentations and background documents on EPR.

- Policy & Law: Background on implementing EPR in California and authorizing
EPR legislation from around the world.

- EPR ListServ

Still in development but coming soon: a resources page and "who are you?"
style pages that house EPR-related information specific to each stakeholder

-The EPR Team

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Extended Producer Responsibility
listserv or other listservs, please go to http://www.calepa.


Bill Sheehan

Executive Director

Product Policy Institute

P.O. Box 48433

Athens, GA 30604  USA

Tel:  706-613-0710

Email:  bill@no.address

Web: <>


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