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[GreenYes] NRC leadership changes

National Recycling Coalition Announces Leadership Changes

Washington, DC – July 10, 2008 - The National Recycling Coalition (Washington, D.C) announced today changes in the professional leadership of the Coalition. Executive Director Kate M. Krebs will step down from her position this week to pursue other opportunities. Krebs has been a part of the NRC team since October, 2000 and provided a strong vision and leadership for the Coalition as executive director.


During Krebs’ tenure the National Recycling Coalition built a broad platform of initiatives to advance recycling in North America. Through a number of public/private partnerships with key corporate partners including Nike, Dell, Time, Inc. , The Coca-Cola Company, International Paper, and Waste Management/Recycle America,  the Coalition engaged government agencies, colleges and universities along with State Recycling Organizations to build awareness of the need to increase recycling while providing technical assistance and funding to local recycling efforts.   Under her management the NRC profile has grown – establishing the importance of recycling within climate change discussions, while at the same time raising the profile of America Recycles Day and RecycleMania – the nation’s largest college and university recycling competition.

“I have accomplished what I set out to do when I came to the Coalition in 2000 – to strategically advance recycling, which then enhances a sustainable materials economy in North America,” Krebs said.  “It’s been especially rewarding to work with such a passionate and committed group of people from across our country all dedicated to advancing recycling.”


“The NRC Board of Directors thanks Kate for her service and dedication,” President David Refkin said.  “She leaves the organization in a strong position to increase recycling across the United States.”


NRC’s leadership will begin recruitment for the executive director position immediately. During this recruitment period, Anjia Nicolaidis and Ed Skernolis will serve as Co-Executive Directors.  Ms. Nicolaidis will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and communications, and Mr. Skernolis will be in charge of policy and planning. 


“We have a great staff and we’re confident in their ability to run the organization,” Refkin said.  The Board intends to introduce the new Executive Director at this year’s Annual Congress & Exposition, held in Pittsburgh, PA from September 21-24, 2008


The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is a national non-profit advocacy group with members that span all aspects of waste reduction, reuse and recycling in North America. The Coalition represents advocates from every region of the country, in every sector of the waste reduction field. Local recycling coordinators, state and federal regulators, corporate environmental managers, environmental educators and advocates, consumers and waste management professionals are all members of NRC.


Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

Eco-Cycle Inc

5030 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO. 80301



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