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[GreenYes] Glass recycling from single-stream collection

Title: [GreenYes] Glass recycling from single-stream collection

To the list-

At the last meeting of the Oregon Bottle Bill Task Force, I was asked
to provide information on what actually happens to glass collected
through curbside programs throughout the country, and if there is
technology that can improve the recovery and high-end utilization of
glass that is collected at the curb.

I am looking for people who have actual information on what happens to
the glass collected locally through your curbside programs. Of the
total glass collected, what percentage ends up actually being used in
each of the following:

1) Used to make glass containers
2) Used to make other glass products that require melting the glass
(such as fiberglass)
3) Used as aggregate (as in road base or glassphalt) or as sand
blasting medium
4) Used as landfill cover or landfill drainage layer
5) Disposed as residue.  This includes all the small pieces of broken
glass that cannot be separated out for recycling.

If you do not have information that is this detailed, I would at least
appreciate knowing if any significant proportion of your local glass
ends up being used to make glass products including containers and
fiberglass.  It would also be valuable to know what kind of collection
program is provided for glass:

1) Single-stream with glass mixed in with all other materials
2) Glass collected mixed in with other containers in a dual stream
programs (paper and containers).
3) Glass collected separately from other recyclables, but with the
glass colors mixed together.
4) Glass collected color-separated.

I appreciate any information on this subject that people can send

Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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