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[GreenYes] Planet Green: Eco-Tech: Zero Waste

I agree with Neil.  That's why I always stress that the only peer-reviewed, internationally accepted DEFINITION of Zero Waste is that of the Zero Waste International Alliance at: which says "Don't burn or bury" your resources.


At 09:55 AM 5/15/2008, Neil Tangri wrote:

You do want to be careful with claims like that. While there are
companies that are truly trying to achieve ZW, some major manufacturers
(including some automobile plants here in the US), are claiming "Zero
waste to landfill", by which they mean "some waste to incinerator." In
many cases, they are making genuine efforts to reduce waste, but their
definition of ZW is not ours.

Nancy Poh wrote:
> I think one of our members recommended watching the Discovery Channel
> programme "Planet Green: Eco-Tech" earlier.
> When I heard on the show that eWaste can be recycled 100%, I did a
> search and discovered that there are indeed companies that observe the
> "0% Landfill E-waste Policy" or "100% landfill-free Recycling Policy".
> Down in Australia, we have IT Liquidators
> <>. In New Zealand there is
> Telecom New Zealand Limited
> <,3900,203941-203113,00.html> through
> their take back programme. However, their eWaste are recycled in India
> by Allied Electronic Recovery Worldwide (AER Worldwide)
> <>.
> Planet Green: Eco-Tech <>, is
> definitely a trendy programme to watch and if for some reasons you have
> missed it, Darryl Duffe (if he has the time) will be sharing his notes
> on each episode and post them on Sustainable WNC
> <>.
> Also, Earthwatch Institute <> has
> listed the non-profit environmental organizations and advocacy groups
> < >
> involved in this project. I am sure that you will be able to find more
> useful tips for a greener environment from the links to their partners'
> websites.
> Nancy
> Greenbeing Nancy
> < >
> >

Gary Liss       
Fax: 916-652-0485

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