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[GreenYes] Re: resources saved calculator for single-stream recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Re: resources saved calculator for single-stream recycling

I agree Justin, it seems to be a step in the right direction to
recycle, but then again, not having so much "disposable" stuff to
recycle in the first place seem to be more of a nipping it in the bud

Obviously not everybody is excited about bringing about some form of
to go container, utensil, and mug or cup or bottle of some sort for
beverage about with them on a daily basis. And if you did and wanted
to get some food to go from a restaurant, they may look at you kind of
funny, or maybe it would be violating health codes to use your own
container for their food.

On another note, it's a drag that there are not more local recycling
facilities for all sorts of materials in every location. You'd think
it would be a great way to create more jobs, but I guess not many
people think it's worth it - from what I've heard it can be hard to
make money depending on the volume and quality of material you are
working with. And single stream collection definitely reduces the
quality of the material. Hey, even if you DO have separation from the
get go, plenty of people still just throw it all together in one bin
if they do any recycling at all.

Which brings me back to the whole psychological aspect of recycling,
wasting, consuming and simply not giving a darn. It seems like you're
fighting a losing battle when more than half of the people in the
country have absolutely no interest in taking the time to recycle, let
alone taking more effective steps towards reducing the waste they
create in the first place. Knowing about what we're up against there,
and how to approach it seems like a good idea.

The Psychology of Environmental Problems by Deborah DuNann Winter and
Susan M. Koger is an awesome introduction to this underlying issue!

Elizabeth Slate
The Alchemical Nursery Project

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