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[GreenYes] Does one see a decline in dropoff site use when corrugated cardboard is added to curbside recycling where it was only at dropoffs before?

Orange Co. NC is evaluating impacts of adding corrugated cardboard to
our curbside recycling collection. We did not add it last year when we
added all other mixed paper to curbside. Prior to that addition, OCC and
OMP were NOT collected curbside; one could recycle them only at dropoff
sites, along with cans bottles and news. We saw no decline in dropoff
site tonnage when mixed paper came to the curbside bin. We are curious
if anyone has experienced a decline in dropoff use when only a single
item shifted from dropoff only to curb or if our apparent anomaly of
increased traffic at dropoffs could be attributed to the fact that we
DID NOT bring OCC to the curb with all other paper. There seems to be
widespread support to do OCC at the curb although there will be a
cutdown requirement. We also may ban its collection with mixed waste as
we have done for the non-reisdential sector already.

Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Planner
Orange County Solid Waste Management Department
P.O. Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177
(919) 968-2788 or direct: (919) 968-2800 x161
(919) 932-2900 fax

Three Shred-A-Thons are coming up for you to securely recycle
confidential paper. April 22 at University Mall, May 3 at Eubanks Park
and Ride Lot in Chapel Hill and May 10 at Orange High School in
Hillsborough. All events are from 10am -2pm and limited to Orange County
residents. Ten box limit please.

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