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[GreenYes] City of Walla Walla, WA - Solid Waste & Recycling Superintendent Job Posting

Hi All:


WIH Resource Group has been under contract in assisting the City of Walla Walla, WA, among other things, in developing a Solid Waste Superintendent job description, a newly created position for the City, and we finalized the JD recently and its now posted on their website and in various other publications as well.  I have attached it for your convenience.


Of interest is that the City is more interested in hiring someone from outside of typical public service, a strong private sector industry background it preferred.  The City owns and operates its own landfill, curbside automated side load solid waste collection and soon will convert from two man rear load recycling routes to fully automated curbside recycling collections.


Please take a minute to review the JD and let me know if you can think of anyone that may be interested in the position and thanks for your consideration.  Feel free to forward this onto anyone who may find this of interest.


Best Regards,


Bob Wallace

Principal & V.P. Business Solutions

WIH Resource Group

Environmental & Logistical SolutionsTM

Phone:  480.241.9994 ~ Fax:  623.505.2634

E-mail:  bwallace@no.address





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