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[GreenYes] List Housekeeping

Dear GreenYes,

I've recently become aware of a scheme where people sign up to become
a member of a group like ours to "share" information about one thing
or another. However they are joining for an ulterior motive. For every
person they get to click the link from their "blogspot" blog to
another website, they make money. The blog site will generally look
normal, but will include very little real information and an
obfuscated link that leads eventually to a website scheme for selling
"plans" for something dubious or even fraudulent. They really don't
care if the "plan" works. They just want our many members to click the
links from their blog to the site. It's called blog spamming.

I'm also concerned about random people who might join just to ask for
money or for green business investment on our group. These requests,
even implied, are not appropriate.

If anything like this comes up or has come up recently on our list,
I'd appreciate it if one or two of our long-standing list members
might please contact me immediately.

GreenYes Listmaster
please read the netiquette and faq before posting...

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