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[GreenYes] Tour of Ontario Foodscrap Collection and Composting

I'm aware this is still 7 months off
But I fiqure the more notice I give
the better the turn out

Tour of Ontario Foodscrap Collection and Composting
Wednesday Sept. 24/08 - Friday Sept. 27/08

If you're planning to attend the National Recycling Coalition Conference in Pittsburgh that week, or want to make a separate trip, come tour Ontario foodscrap collection and composting.

With over 1 million participating households, including the City of Toronto with 490,000 homes, the largest program of it's kind in N. America, the Greater Toronto Area is one of the leaders in foodscrap and soiled paper collection and composting.

Further, there are numerous composting technologies in operation, including anaerobic digestion (AD).

The next logical step on the path to zero waste and a key to mitigating climate change, is foodscrap and soiled paper collection.

The Sierra Club of Canada invites you to join us, on a tour of both collection and composting operations as well as informative sessions on program logistics.

Buses will leave Pittsburgh Wed. Sept 26/08 afternoon and return to Pittsburgh airport and nearby hotels late Friday evening Sept. 26/08 (say after 10 pm).

As part of the tour you'll see two days of set-out (Thursday and Friday) visit several composting facilities and hear first hand experience.

Alternatively you can join the tour from Toronto.

And if anyone wanted to stay and do the tourist thing we could work that out too!

Please plan to join us

For more information please contact
Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Campaigner
The Sierra Club of Canada

> > rodmuir@no.address <mailto:rodmuir@no.address

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