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[GreenYes] Re: The Magic of Recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Re: The Magic of Recycling

Great observations....
Is there a link to find some of these other performers?
Susan Kramer
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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 8:06 AM
Subject: [GreenYes] Re: The Magic of Recycling

Eau Claire County in Wisconsin has run the program twice, the second time in
cooperation with neighboring counties.  These are my observations:

1) There was no change in the program between the times we did it - I think
the span was five years.  Consistency has merits, particularly if what you
are doing is well-done, but I was somewhat surprised that the show didn't
have any updates.

2) I think the program is more valuable in a community where you are tyring
to establish recycling than in one where it is well entrenched.  That's not
to say, however, that it doesn't have any value in the latter.

3) There are several performers that Mr. Wenk has performing this show.
Some are better than others.  In the last go round, one of the performers
was of questionable talent.  While the magic was done well, the presentation
of the factual content on recycling was not.  When we wrote a letter to Mr.
Wenk expressing these concerns, he never responded.  Therefore, we will not
bring the program back.

Jon Tulman
Associate Planner
Eau Claire County, WI

>>> "Jennifer Halpin" <Jennifer.Halpin@no.address> 02/04/08 5:32 PM >>>


I just received a voicemail from a Timothy Wenk that does "The Magic of
Recycling" show show for elementary schools.

I'm thinking that this is something schools over here would be interested
in.  However, has anyone heard of him or seen his shows?  He stated that
he's done shows nationwide since 1992.  I went to the website
(, but I would like to know if anyone's
witnessed the show first-hand.

Thank you and hope everyone's having a good day.


Jennifer Halpin

Recycling Information Specialist
Merced Association of Governments
Ph: 209-723-3153 ext. 315
Fax: 209-723-0322

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