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[GreenYes] Mercury product legislative update

Title: [GreenYes] Mercury product legislative update

One of the focus areas for my county has been on the reduction of toxics to the environment, including mercury from products. (The flow of mercury from products exceeds the discharge by coal-fired utilites by several fold.)

While we have banned the sale of some products and the use of our landfill for all mercury-containing products, we are also working for state legislation on these issues.

We have recently completed a survey of all state legislatures to find out what bills have been introduced in this current session and which have been adopted into law. We would be glad to share this list with anyone who is interested.

In summary, 34 states have introduced 127 bills so far, with 23 adopted into law. Most popular are bills on vaccines (38), electronics (13), fluorescents (12), and thermostats (12).

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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