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[GreenYes] RecycleBank


About a year ago, there was a discussion on the list about RecycleBank.

A year on, I am interested in the recycling community's assessments of the RecycleBank concept.

Is there convincing evidence available at this point  that use of the RecycleBank service leads to worthwhile increases in recycling?

Are there downsides to using RecycleBank that have become apparent?

Has Recyclebank been cost-effective for communities?

Does the degree of access to computers influence how effective RecycleBank is with some populations vs. others?

Do collection logistics make RecycleBank more effective in some communities than others (eg.  dense, urban environments with multifamily housing vs. single family suburban vs. rural, sparsely populated environments)?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Regards, Jan

Jan Aceti
Aceti Associates
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"Building healthy, sustainable communities through social marketing."

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