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[GreenYes] Re: grass clippings, and paint

In Wisconsin, we banned yard materials from landfills in the early 1990's and most communities encouraged "leave it on the lawn" for grass clippings, and home composting for leaves, garden residues and food scraps. There were lots of TV ads, articles in newspapers, demonstrations, booths at spring garden expos, brochures, etc.
I will send out a note to a Wisconsin email list to ask folks to send things to you if they still have them around.
My own city stopped collecting grass clippings in the summer years ago.
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To support NYC discussions, looking for examples of effective ‘leave it on the lawn’ policies/regulations/programs for grass clippings (and not just landfill bans)….


And, curious if anyone’s experimented with (or considering) paint takeback programs with hardware and paint stores….(and not just HHW/special waste drop-off or collection programs)?


Thanks for any info….


Kendall Christiansen

Brooklyn, NY

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