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[GreenYes] Shoplifting type alarm for recyclables

Title: [GreenYes] Shoplifting type alarm for recyclables

Periodically we get calls from the public who swear that their recyclables
were picked up in the garbage truck.  Of course it is a "garbage" truck that
picked up their recyclables because we use single stream, but the recycling
truck is a different color than the garbage truck.  Even after explaining
this, the citizen will swear it went in a garbage truck destined for the

These calls are sporadic at best, and never concentrated in one area.  We
have never caught our contractor doing this red handed, and we don't think
the practice is wide spread, or happening at all.  However the periodic
calls are a concern and I want to be able to say that we used due diligence
to examine the situation. 

Using cameras or personal observation as part of a "sting" seems fruitless
because of the size of service area and the limited number of reports.

Has anyone run into a similar situation and developed a way to make this
type of observation? 

We were thinking of something like the shoplifting alarms that stores have,
to scan garbage trucks for planted tags in recycling bins.  Are we crazy to
think this would work?  Has anyone tried to do this?  Is there an
"industrial strength" version that would signal out through compacted

Thanks for any suggestions.
--Paul Dunn

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