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[GreenYes] Re: Dealing with collected recyclate: Pass-through considerations

Stephan, et al,
'Recyclate'?  That's a new one on me and an interesting word to describe what I have always seen written as 'recyclables'.  Is this from a particular geographic region/country/province?  Possibly a new entry in Wikipedia?  I'm always learning new things!

>>> Stephan Pollard <stephan.pollard@no.address> 12/15/2007 10:59 AM >>>

In retrospect my previous post (a query) to the group seems to have been
lacking in sufficient detail.  So, let me try again.

In consideration that not all collected recyclate is perhaps dealt with
as preferably as possible I am interested in understanding how municipal
and higher education recycling programs dispose of their collected
recyclate.  When the recyclate can be sold is it simply sold to the
highest bidder or are there additional considerations (track record,
end-use, social responsibility, etc)?  If there are then what are they? 
When the recyclate can not be sold (as in the case of collected small
quantities) and must be given to a third party is it simply a matter of
whoever will take it or are there additional considerations?  If there
are, are they any different than the considerations mentioned in the
other circumstance mentioned above?  And if there are how are these
additional considerations weighted in the decision making process
involved in releasing the collections?

Assuming there ARE additional considerations and that they include for
example end-use, how prevalent is the practice of requiring verification
or certification that the buyer, for example, is socially responsible or
remanufacturer is doing with the recyclate what the programs were led to
believe they were doing (assuming the programs bothered to ask)?

Can anyone help me with an understanding?


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